A non-binding resolution cleared the chamber on a 53-15 vote, to support the federal "Respect for Rights of Conscience Act." Republican Rep. Carlos Bilbao of Emmett told representatives it's needed to block the 2010 health care overhaul's requirement that employers' insurance plans provide contraception and sterilization coverage. Bilbao says if employees want contraception, they can still get it - they just can't force employers to help pay for it. The act also includes insurance exemptions for things like mental health services for women, hiv tests and other medical services. Ketchum Democratic Representative Wendy Jaquet (JAY-QU-ET) argued the resolution sets women's health care back. Boise Democrat Grant Burgoyne,  (vut-Goy-n) another foe, argued religious liberty doesn't include the right to impose one's beliefs on others.

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