Since Justin Doering was 15, he's wanted to help those experiencing homelessness. Back then, he had a goal of delivering 50 sandwiches to those experiencing homelessness and "talk to them about their experiences."

According to KTVB, Doering got his chance to make that a reality 10 years later. Doering raised some money through a Kickstarter campaign and set out on his journey. In 105 days, Doering drove over 14,000 miles through 34 states talking to folks along the way. Of all the cities he visited, Doering felt that Salt Lake City was the only one that was "appropriately dealing with the homelessness issue." In the interview with KTVB, Doering says the city takes a housing-first approach.

Once he was through with the trip, he documented the 50 stories he felt were most impactful. As Doering interviewed his subjects, he found that the stereotypes "don't show the whole story." Some, he says, are dealing with mental health issues and addiction brought on by abuse or domestic violence early in their life. Others, however, are not experiencing those extreme circumstances, but are homeless because of financial situations.

Doering says: "It's important for people to realize that many folks are just a job loss, a natural disaster, a health scare away from finding themselves in the same shoes as the struggling stranger they walk past every day."

His book, 50 Sandwiches, aims to "foster the realization that there is more to homelessness than being homeless by creating an emotional bridge between readers and struggling strangers they walk past every day." If you're interested in checking out the book, CLICK HERE.

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