Why not simply remove the offending organs?  The late Paul Harvey made that recommendation.  I’m sure the liberals in newsrooms and the legislature will side with the molesters against Representative Bruce Skaug.  He’s the man behind HB 515.  Skaug believes it would cut down (my words) on repeat offenders.  He even believes it can pass constitutional muster.

Why would liberals be opposed to my solution?  They already support mutilating kids.  Which places them in the same category Skaug is targeting.

68 of 70 House members voted on the bill, with only 11 opposed.  Including Jerome County’s Jack Nelsen.  Skaug grew up in Jerome and now resides in Canyon County, where he practices law.  So which guy better represents the values of the Magic Valley?  Nelsen’s public objection is that lawsuits would follow the passage of the bill into law and that it would be a dicey proposition for Idaho to beat the court.  And expensive.

While very unlikely child molesters would pose the legal challenge, you can bet the American Civil Liberties Union and its Idaho affiliate would be screaming the punishment is mean.  As if harming kids isn’t.

This writer believes the only serious question left is what manner of death.  Molesters are already the lowest form of human flotsam locked away in our prisons.  To the point, they often need pricey expensive housing to protect them from other inmates.  House Minority Leader Ilana Rubel told me living in the general prison population is a better punishment than living isolated for many years on death row.  She opposed the bill.

We’re still living in a time when criminals have more rights than victims, and the public has never accepted the change from earlier generations.

Let the liberal lawyers and media whine.  If nothing else we’ll put the degenerates on notice until we get a court ruling.

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