The Idaho Statesman is a paper published by liberals for Idaho’s other two dozen liberals.  This may explain why the rag has been through bankruptcy and is basically running on a skeleton crew.  The people who write on the opinion pages are skilled in telling the rest of us what we need to believe because they went to journalism school.  That makes your I.Q. grow by 30 points above the statewide average.  Just ask them.

The paper is demanding that Governor Brad Little veto a bill that would allow death by firing squad as a means of capital punishment.  The writers of the paper say the Department of Corrections objects to using guns.  Please, if you have a pervert who tortured and killed children, you would find more than your fair share of officers willing to stand him up against a wall and send him straight to hell.

Another objection is cost.  Are you telling me bullets are more expensive than the preferred drug cocktail?

The paper also claims the form of execution is barbaric.  One of the objections to lethal injection is that it paralyzes and leaves the condemned in agony for minutes or longer before death.  With good grouping from rifles, death is instantaneous.

I understand liberals think criminals are victims of some sort of “patriarchy”.  I spent two years of my life covering criminal courts.  Let’s say most of the people I saw weren’t misunderstood.  They were cruel sociopaths and would’ve sliced you up for pocket change.

Do you want to bring an end to the death penalty?  Then tell the criminal "heroes" to stop killing kids, grandmothers, and bank tellers.  Maybe the editors can do some social work and counsel the cutthroats.

Oh, and judging by how often the ultimate penalty is used in Idaho, odds are nobody will ever face a firing squad.

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