Mainstream media is delighted a serial killer didn’t die this week in Idaho.  Doctors couldn’t find a vein for lethal injection at the state lockup so Thomas Creech will live a bit longer.  Would the liberals in newsrooms have preferred we toss him off a cliff?

Let’s be clear, being humane makes us human.  Creech may look human, but he’s a ruthless animal.  Not even the worst bleeding hearts have ever claimed he could be innocent.

The Libs Sure Like Killers

These are the same leftist media types belly-aching that the accused killer of a Georgia nursing student is politicizing the case.  Don’t reporters do the same after a school shooting?  Well, unless the killer is a tranny, then the story gets quickly buried because the shooter belongs to a protected media victim class.

Creech shouldn’t qualify for their sympathy.  He appears to be a straight white guy.  Or he was until he went to prison and found his sexual choices limited.

Quick Ways to Get Rid of Creepy Creech

The state could simply shoot him.  Firing squads are quick and there usually isn’t a delay in getting a ventilated killer pronounced dead.  Or better yet, why not slap him on a guillotine and lop off his evil head?  That wouldn’t satisfy the criminal-loving left.  I’ve read several sources these last few years that claim once your head drops into the basket, you retain consciousness for a time.  The problem for the researchers is nobody who has ever had their noggin lopped off has confirmed the theory.

Liberals claim there’s no heaven because nobody has yet returned with irrefutable evidence.  Then by their logic, the guillotine is a painless method for dispatching justice.  Sure, there’s the fright before the blade drops, but isn’t that what Creech’s victims experienced?  Whatever happened to the left’s demands for fairness?  Creepy Creech has a debt to pay.

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