A great many kids show up for college and need a couple of years of remedial education.  It’s a complaint I’ve heard from friends on college faculties, and they blame public schools.  But then, the colleges blame weak public schools.  So, after finally getting a four-year degree, wouldn’t that be the same education we received at a few generations ago at a community college?  Where do we pay far less to get our sheepskin?

Two points in this story.  First, if we had school choice we would have competition and K-12 education would be expected to improve across the board.  Second, I read this morning that some four-year colleges in Idaho are opposed to community colleges offering more four-year degrees.  The four-year institutions claim it would be duplicative.  Sure, and it would also reduce the student debt burden.  Maybe the big boys need a new business model.

A couple of more points.  First, we won’t get school choice until legislators break their addiction to campaign cash from the teacher lobby.  Because Idaho is a one-party state, teacher unions simply transfer a traditional alliance with Democrats to large numbers of Idaho Republicans.  Oh, some will claim otherwise, but watch them crawl on their bellies for campaign cash.

Second, we’re in a new era with technology and we don’t need to send our young far away to a large pile of bricks and mortar in Moscow, Boise, or Pocatello.  Think about what we could save simply on maintenance and administrative costs!  We better realize fast that in a heavily indebted nation, we’ll need to pinch every future penny and we need more than gender studies graduates to save the country.

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