There is a scene in an episode of the Simpsons where it appears the nuclear plant where Homer works is about to melt down.  Homer’s irascible boss, Mr. Burns, pushes a button.  A panel opens in his office revealing an escape pod with two seats.  Burns jumps in and closes the door and leaves his long-suffering assistant, Smithers, on the outside.

Smithers in a panic pounds on the door and begs Burns to let him inside.  The door pops open and a cheerful Burns says, “I Like to put my feet up!”  Then he slams the door a second time.

I got a good laugh but also realized when it someday hits the fan, I’m probably on my own.

Last summer, I took a drive deep into Owyhee County and thought it could provide some safe bugout locations.  You would need money for some property and a small survival cabin.  You would also need room to safely store your supplies.  The location would need to be as unknown as possible from the main road.  In other words, close to invisible.

Lastly, you can’t make any of this happen if you don’t have any money.  For property, supplies, and the long term.  The majority of Americans aren’t ready for this scenario.

A writer made quite a stir in mainstream media when she penned a column last week at the Washington Post.  She made it clear that even if there’s only a mild recession ahead, some lives are going to be destroyed.  Collateral damage for markets and many investors and still tragic.  It’s always at the top of my mind that my job isn’t part of an essential service.  I’m a radio blowhard!  I don’t produce anything that people need.

I was shopping for groceries on Friday and got to talking with a man who works at the store.  He shared that he has a customer prepping for whatever is coming.  The prepper has stored years of food and water, taught all of his children the safe use of firearms, and has a secretive place where he believes he can ride it out.

This is a guy on a mission.  He’s even calculated he can get his hands on one of the trucks that can run on railroads, allowing him to stay off main roads.  Then it gets dangerous.  He wants an armored car.  The kind you see making pickups at stores and sometimes outside your local bank.  The trucks have huge fuel tanks and protection against a lot of ordinances.

The thing is if there’s a societal collapse or a United Nations coup, don’t you think the men and women who drive the armored trucks already have dibs?

For the moment, we’re talking fiction.  Let’s hope it remains that way.

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