It was a straight line wind and it was devastating in parts of Buhl.  It roared through early last week, uprooting massive trees, tipping over chicken houses and even tearing off some barn roofs.  A portion of the clean-up and repairs are being performed by a group of Southern Baptists.  The half dozen or so churches located in the Magic Valley from the denomination put out the call for volunteers.

Because the damage was geographically localized, it didn’t get a lot of coverage.

The work is funded by a charity organized by Southern Baptists across the country.  They fund relief efforts on the local level and worldwide.  Pastor Paul Thompson of Eastside Baptist Church in Twin Falls explains you can easily make contributions at any local Southern Baptist Church.

He tells Newsradio 96.1 FM and 1310 KLIX it allows the Baptists to display their faith through their actions (and I’ll point out he didn’t say “good works,” which would be a different denomination!)

Pastor Thompson also says he was unaware of the severity of the damage in Buhl when he was telephoned and asked to assist.  Because the damage was geographically localized, it didn’t get a lot of coverage.

His church is often used as a staging area and relief center when disaster strikes locally.  During evacuations late last summer in the South Hills, evacuees could find a hot drink and shelter at Eastside Baptist and until they could find lodging or return home.  The Badger Fire was just one instance of a quick response locally.

Ironic, in one sense, many of these same Christians are criticized by some because of their traditional beliefs.  Most of the critics won’t be seen in the field offering helping hands.

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