As much as we enjoy our water activities in Idaho, we want to keep an eye on our quality and safety of our water supply.

The The Izaak Walton League, according to their own website, is a league that was started by 54 founders who are avid anglers and outdoor enthusiasts focussed on conservation.

According to, Idaho is listed among several states whose water doesn't meet muster.  Here's why...

They say that the state isn't as transparent as it should be when reporting water quality. They even go so far as to say the state is "misleading," sayinig that Idaho reports on 65% of its streams, while claims a more accurate number is more like 1%.

Idaho only receives C's when it comes to how often we sample water. And says our standards are too low when it comes to nutrient pollution standards. In other words, the state of Idaho would claim that we meet state standards and our water is good, but the Izaak Walton League would disagree, saying that Idaho standards are too low. On the upside, we do meet the EPA's minimum guidelines for bacteria.

In the end, keep in mind, there's some he said/he said going on, because the state of Idaho's figures don't exactly match up with what's being reported by the Izaak Walton League. Check out the report details if you're interested in what this information means for those of us who like to fish and swim in Idaho waters.




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