MACKAY, Idaho (KLIX)-A Mackay woman got quite the surprise when she realized she broke up a fight between her dog and what she thought was another canine only to realize it was a mountain lion.

According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, the woman had ran outside of her home early on the morning of January 30 thinking her dog was fighting with another dog and pulled the two animals apart and then realized the animal was a young mountain lion.

The woman held onto the big cat and her dog while she called her husband for help. The man came out with a gun and shot the animal. The couple called local police immediately and a Fish and Game Officer arrived a short time later.

The officer took the lion carcass for testing to see if disease might have played a part in the attack. The woman and dog are fine, but did get scratched up. The woman was told to see a doctor as a precaution.

Fish and Game says this is the third time a dog has been attacked by a mountain lion, one was attacked in Ketchum and killed, another in Bellevue was attacked and later died from its injuries.

In a statement Fish and Game said:

People who live near wintering deer should understand there is likely to be mountain lions nearby, too, and they should be aware of their surroundings, and not leave their pets outside and unattended, especially in early mornings, late evenings and at night when mountain lions are most active.

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