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AMMON, Idaho (KLIX)-Conservation officers had to remove a mountain lion that made its way into the town Thursday morning in Ammon. Idaho Department of Fish and Game officers were called out to a neighborhood after a resident called saying his dog had chased the big cat up a tree. As a result a nearby elementary school was put on alert.

Circumstanced Allowed for Mountain Lion to be Relocated

The mountain lion had moved from the tree when conservation officers arrived, but were able to tranquilize the animal before it moved any further. It was then determined that the lion could be relocated to a more remote area in the state. “This lion appears to be healthy and was not known to be aggressive or attacked any pets,” says Wildlife Manager Curtis Hendricks. “Given that this was the first report, it did not seem to have been frequenting the area and likely just ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time.” According to Idaho Fish and Game relocation is not usually an option for mountain lions.

Two Mountain Lions Removed From Wood River Valley

Recently Idaho Fish and Game had to remove two mountain lions from a Hailey community after they became too accustomed to being around town and people. The animals had to be euthanized. The Wood River Valley has gotten numerous reports of mountain lion sighting since the fall of 2022. The website was set up to help educate people on living with mountain lions and other wildlife in Idaho.

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