Fewer than two million people live in Idaho and they’ve got a tremendously out sized impact on the globe.

An Idaho native is the first woman to fly an F-35B for the Marine Corps.  Anneliese Satz is a 29-year-old who usually flies choppers.  Satz spent four years training and testing.  The F-35B isn’t a toy and it takes some serious skill to keep one in the air.

Expect Captain Satz to someday be on the wall of fame.

According to the Marine Corps, Captain Satz spent more than 300 hours in the air while training.  There is also a rigorous classroom portion and use of flight simulators.

From what I gather, Satz will fly from an aircraft carrier.  Take-offs and landings from decks add a bit more risk to the equation.

She came to the Corps a bit later than many.  Her experience in a helicopter was in commercial aviation.  It’s an entirely different encounter than fixed wing flight.

A few weeks ago I was visiting a museum in the Treasure Valley.  There was a display honoring women of achievement who have or did have ties to Idaho.  Expect Captain Satz to someday be on the wall of fame.

One other aspect of women in flight.  I’ve got a book at home autographed by Major Priscilla Giddings.  The woman is an Idaho State Legislator and a combat pilot.  Giddings flies close ground support in an A-10.  The book is written to encourage women to accept challenges and take on non-traditional roles.  Now we’ve got two famous pilots (and surely I’m leaving others off this list).  They do us proud!

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