Ever end up on an Internet rabbit trail? You start looking for one thing and you end up learning something you didn't expect. That's what happened when I decided to figure out what Idaho's Aaron Paul is up to. I found out he's currently working on a sci-fi thriller with a weird plot.

The movie is called "Android". Aaron's IMDb page doesn't include any details of what the movie is about, but Variety does. According to Variety, Aaron's character is on a "lonely spaceship orbiting Neptune". That's not the weird part. As it turns out, Aaron is trying to rebuild his dead wife and son as androids. But, trouble arises when the androids start rebelling against Aaron. Just shows you can never fully trust a robot.

Aaron's also working on a movie called "The Burning Woman" and another in pre-production called "Welcome Home" about a couple vacationing in Italy when the homeowner of the place they're staying goes nuts. Reminds me of when Aaron rented out his home in Boise as a Airbnb. Good times.

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