What does “Bubba” Wallace now expect to gain?  The noose he said had been placed in his garage was just a rope for pulling down a door.  The NASCAR driver found a lot of sympathy when the story first broke and many claimed it was because he took a stand against the Confederate battle flag.  Which is often displayed by racing fans.

Coach Pete Coulson has mixed race ancestry.  He tends to see some of these issues from more than one vantage point and through the prism of his Christian faith.  He joined us on Magic Valley This Morning on Newsradio 1310, KLIX.

Coach Pete isn’t a shy man and there isn’t much he fears from fellow men.

We also spoke about Black Lives Matter.  Coach Pete isn’t a shy man and there isn’t much he fears from fellow men.  Remember, he spent his early years in an Austrian orphanage and overcame what we might call some early disadvantages in life.

The Coach isn’t afraid to say, “All lives matter”.  His qualifications, resume, family history and especially faith, provide him with armor.  It’s not likely he would be a target of the politically correct because they know his experience is so very unique.

We also touched upon the destruction of old monuments and the responsibility we may have for actions of ancestors and especially our own actions when we were young and sometimes made immature decisions.

If you missed our live conversation, you can listen to the archive.  Just click on the YouTube video below.  The Coach has changed some lives for the better and is available for public speaking engagements across the Northwest.

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