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Those people at Chick-Fi-A are rude.  One Sunday I sat in the drive-through for a good hour and nobody offered to take my order!

The food there is delicious.  On the other end of things, there’s just one in town compared to four McDonald’s restaurants and we could probably keep six busy.  People may tell pollsters Chick-Fil-A is their favorite place but they spend a lot more money on Big Macs.  In fact, I suspect it’s the case all across America.

I drive by Chick-Fil-A and think of superb chicken.  I drive by McDonald’s and think it's fun.  It was that way when I was a boy and it was when I was a dad.

An old coworker is now the radio voice of the Cincinnati Bengals.  Thirty years ago he broadcast college and minor league sports.  On Saturday mornings he would walk into the studio with sacks from McDonald’s.  He would tell me anyone who claimed they never ate at the place was a danged liar.  It was like the people who claimed they never watched TV.

There’s something comforting about pulling off a strange highway exit and seeing golden arches.  I know what fries and burgers will taste like.

A couple of years ago, Arctic Circle was listed as Idaho’s favorite.  I was there for lunch.  No complaints, but I’ll wager that it was listed because of the ice cream, not the burgers and fries.  Again, it’s about fun.  Ice cream is fun.

This is a case where I believe people often answer with what they think is what a questioner wants to hear.

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