I thought the libs claimed they didn’t eat at McDonald’s.  They’re all dining at Boston Market and sipping Merlot.  Now the gang marching in the streets in support of baby-killing terrorists are calling for a boycott of McDonald’s.  Because there are reports the burger chain is feeding Israeli troops.  It’s a good thing for Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s that they don’t have many locations in the Middle East.  Those giving aid and comfort to anti-Semites wouldn’t know where to shop.

You’ve never had to twist my arm to eat at McDonald’s.  When I’m traveling, the Golden Arches are a comforting sight.  I guess if I happen to be a tofu-tasting weirdo I wouldn’t get the same feeling.

Like this latest effort by the jackasses on the left will have any impact!  In fact, watch sales at McDonald’s skyrocket as the Hamas apologists push this envelope.

I remember the efforts to boycott Chick-fil-A 15 years ago.  Even in New York City, the capital of liberal depravity, only a handful of people showed up and then quickly slithered away.  I was working at a radio station doing an afternoon drive.  Listeners were delivering chicken sandwiches.

A friend who has another sexual persuasion continued eating at Chick-fil-A.  No one was going to tell him to avoid his favorite chicken sandwiches.

I’m also reminded of a co-host I had twenty years ago.  PETA was demonstrating outside a Kentucky Fried Chicken.  He stopped, bought a barrel, and then offered to share with the protestors.  Local TV cameras captured it all!  As the majority of Americans are normal, chicken still sells well.

Do you want to send the whack-a-doodles a message?  Buy yourself a Big Mac and fries today.

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