I’m not supposed to ever say anything nice about Governor Brad Little.  Republicans who don’t like him claim he’s wrong on 100 percent of the issues 100 percent of the time.  When I do point to an accomplishment I’m always amazed at how his critics try and spin it otherwise.  They call him China Brad.  Because he’s worked to sell potatoes, beets, and barley to the communist giant.  Never mind 49 other Governors also try and get a share of the Chinese market. 

A loophole allowed Little to get out his ax and begin chopping away.

On the issue of deregulation, Little is head and shoulders above his peers.  Even President Trump praised our Governor’s efforts.  He invited Little to the White House and our guy got to join a cabinet meeting.  Trump endorsed Janice McGeachin, but the former President and the Governor saw eye to eye on cutting red tape.

This all came about because a couple of years ago legislators wrapped up the session and didn’t address state regulations.  A loophole allowed Little to get out his ax and begin chopping away.

George Mason University lists Idaho as the nation’s least regulated state.  You can find more details by clicking here.

The Governor points out state regulations continue to decrease, while some neighboring states can’t do enough to hamstring business and industry.  That's a good thing for Idaho.  A guy looking to launch a business in Pullman should think twice and consider crossing the state line (among a myriad of reasons people consider when leaving Washington State!)

An industry lobbyist once told me the top questions businesses ask when considering a relocation center on energy costs and regulations.

You can tell me McGeachin/Bundy/Humphreys would do the same or more.  I call that prognostication.  You’re gazing into a crystal ball.  What we do know is Little has been chipping away at the ball and chain around the ankles of most state economies.

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