As we told you earlier this week, a plea agreement had been worked out between prosecutors and Thomas Trevino Jr.  Yesterday, a judge has ordered Trevino to spend 15 years in prison for shooting and killing his girlfriend at a motel in 2010.  

The Times News reports that 31-year-old Thomas Trevino Jr. was punished in accordance with a plea agreement reached with prosecutors earlier this week.  Under terms of the deal, Trevino pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, a crime enhanced for his use of a deadly weapon in the shooting of 24-year-old Jill Gelever. Gelever was shot in the back of the head and died 10 days later in a Boise hospital. Trevino was arrested two days after the shooting in Mesa County, Colo. His trial had been set for Oct. 4.  He was initially charged with first-degree murder and faced up to life in prison if convicted.