If you think we’re making this up, we assure you we’re not. Despite their silly-sounding name and appearance, donut peaches are one of Idaho’s favorite summertime produce treats. Throughout Idaho and California, the fruit that tastes like a donut and looks like a cute butt is also referred to as a Saturn peach, a saucer peach, a flat peach, and a peento peach!

The white-bodied stone fruit is easily recognized by, you guessed it, its donut-like, spherical shape. Honestly, it’s so odd-looking that the first time we laid eyes on the peculiar fruit we thought it was deformed. If not deformed, we figured the fruit vendor was trying to make a buck off a batch of culls. Boy, were we wrong!

Origins & Taste

Contrary to what a lot of people think, donut peaches aren’t genetically modified! They’re descendants of the wild pan toa (peento) peaches from China. According to Bon Appetite, American farmers have been raising them for almost 150 years.

While most donut peaches are raised for commercial distribution in California, Idaho orchards such as Garrett Ranches in Wilder and Tylers Rocky Point Orchard in Emmett also grow them.

As for their taste, Southern Idaho Landscape Center describes them as “notably flavorful, juicy and sweet, with a hint of almond.” When compared to peaches with more robust flavors like the Red Haven or the Honey Babe, donut peaches are loved for their sweeter and milder flavor profile.

Where to Find Donut Peaches Around Boise

If all this talk has you craving the world’s healthiest donut, you’re in luck! Donut peaches are available from mid-May through the end of September with a peak season of mid-July to mid-August.

As donut peaches are the darling of Treasure Valley fruit stands, we’ve compiled a list of local vendors known for carrying the unique flat fruit!

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