The Drops are a Magic Valley secret that you will never find unless a local shows you where they are. Surprisingly though, some locals haven't even been there or heard of them!

How To Get The The Drops

Directions To The Drops In Shoshone

The Drops are in the middle of nowhere to the northwest of Shoshone. Once you get there, throw on your life jacket and jump in off the bridge. If you are more adventurous, there are a few cliffs to the east of the bridge that you can jump from also. I've even seen people surfing at the Drops!

Are The Drops Safe To Visit

We've received backlash from community members in the past when we talk about the Drops. Some people think the location is dangerous and we shouldn't be promoting it as a fun place to play. That's not entirely false. The Drops can be dangerous. As with all activities, there are dangers and the Drops have the added dangers of water, desert heat, and hiking.

PLEASE NOTE - wildfire dangers are real in the area of the Drops and can happen quickly. If there is a wildfire near the Drops avoid the area and reschedule your visit.

BONUS VIDEO - Here's What It Looks Like To Play At The Drops

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