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Ever hear of the law of diminishing returns?  When it comes to wind and solar energy, there’s a serious threat to future power generation.  Think about it this way, the sunniest and the windiest locations have already been taken.  From here on, future sites won’t see as much sun and won’t have as much wind.  A writer at Forbes includes four other objections when it comes to the rush to adopt “renewables”.

A couple of weeks ago, the latest edition of Range magazine arrived in my mail.  A writer of one story explained it would take 90 trillion dollars to build the battery storage needed to provide the energy the greenies dream of.  They must be smoking crack!

Not every granola-chomping lefty is in denial.  The Guardian is a liberal newspaper based in England.  Click on this link.  The paper shares the details of a giant solar farm in the California desert.  Some of the people interviewed describe an environmental disaster in the making.  It appears the Bureau of Land Management ignored the impact on animal habitats.  The agency is now managed by a radical eco-terrorist.

A Washington Post story a few weeks ago said liberals want to tear out dams to save fish.  Then they want to find new ways to crush and kill birds and bats.  Is there some hypocrisy here?

Let me belabor a point.  Miniature nuclear reactors have small footprints and can power tens of thousands of homes and businesses.  The thorium reactors create such scant waste that it can be stored and degraded on-site.  When is the lightbulb going to turn on inside the noggins of liberals?

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