We can shoot hundreds of wolves, or we can send them to the liberals in Colorado!  Cowboy State Daily says the Governor of that state wants to re-introduce wolves to the Colorado ecosystem.  The simplest way to find wolves is a promise to take them off the hands of people who don’t want them.

Idaho is planning to cull the packs by killing hundreds of the animals, which many ranchers and farmers blame for attacks on cattle.  Animal rights activists argue the depredation claims are exaggerated.  Then the cattle owners produce the chewed remains of livestock.  Badgers, Martians, and feral cats aren’t likely responsible.

The story out of Wyoming suggests Governor Brad Little is cool with the idea of trapping and then sending wolves to Aspen, Vail, and Boulder.  Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon is blanching at the request.  He points out wolves don’t respect boundaries.  Nothing would prevent them from wandering back across the state line.  I think Gordon is a smart guy.  My mother was a Gordon.  Bydand!

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte also appears cool with the idea of shipping wolves elsewhere.  He’s more known for personally killing animals.  Which made the heads of liberals in his state explode.  It made him even more popular with the majority of his voters.

The wolves that have been re-introduced into the region are not native species.  Some say it’s a minor issue, but the animals came from Canadian packs.  In Idaho, they reproduced at a wildly successful rate and beyond all expectations.  Hence, the plans were hatched for a hunt that will eliminate them by the hundreds.

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