There's no rental program as great as Walmart's. 

Convenient, affordable, exclusive, and oh-so-forgiving all at the same time, Walmart's rental program is unparalleled.

Aaand...that's mostly because it isn't real 😳

Listen, if you know you know. Like Fight Club, the first rule of the Walmart rental program is never to talk about the Walmart rental program.

You bought that vacuum with every intention to keep it. The fact that it was only used to vacuum the apartment you just moved out of is a total coincidence. The paint sprayer you bought for your DIY project really was defective. You just didn't know it until after you'd finished said DIY project, but that's not your fault, friend.

Walmart is on to us.

So...because some of us took about a hundred-too-many liberties with the Walmart rental program that doesn't exist, it looks like Walmart finally got a clue. Way to ruin for the rest of us. You know who you are 😆

Scroll for 23 things you can't return/exchange at Idaho Walmarts.

23 Items You're Not Allowed to Return at Idaho Walmarts

Many Walmart shoppers have tried, and all have failed to return this stuff. 

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

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Idaho Walmarts Use These Codes To Inform Team Members of Danger

Gallery Credit: Ryan Valenzuela

Idaho Goodwill Stores Will Not Accept These 27 Items

According to the Easterseals-Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain website, Goodwill stores in Idaho, Utah, Montana and Wyoming will not accept these items as donations.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

Insanely Rich Walmart Exec Wants To Build Utopia in Idaho by 2030

Walmart Executive Vice President Marc Lore has a net worth that's estimated to be around $237 million... and he wants to build a utopia in Idaho by 2023.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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19 Stores That Are No Longer at The Village at Meridian

At just 10 years old, it doesn't seem like The Village at Meridian has been around long enough to see this many stores come and go!

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Idaho Youth Ranch Stores Will Not Accept These 15 Items

According to the Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Stores website, their stores will not accept these items as donations.

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11 Items You Should NEVER Buy at an Idaho Dollar Store

$1.25 sounds like a great price, but is it a great value for these products? According to several major publications, no.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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19 More Stores That Are No Longer At Boise Towne Square Mall

Over 35 years, plenty of stores have come and gone at the Boise Towne Square Mall! Here are 19 more that aren't there anymore.

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The Sneaky Way Criminals Are Robbing You In Idaho Grocery Stores

Boise Police Department is warning the public of a new (and sneaky) way thieves are stealing your information... literally from right under your nose.

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25 Famous Stores That Don't Exist in Boise Anymore

Some brands themselves are totally defunct. Others have pulled out of the Boise market. No matter which side of the fence they fall on, these stores are nothing but a memory now!

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