Is the regulation of business bad?  What if a government adopts land use rules?  It could limit the growth of some opportunities, including restrictions on your property rights.

We have a large solar farm south of Twin Falls.  It’s not on public land. The county government is considering changes to land use planning. Primarily to preserve farmland.  In some parts of the country, farmers are leasing fields to solar companies.  I want you to click on this link.  It’s from Reuters, a European version of the Associated Press, though.  Generally more liberal in coverage than AP, if that’s possible.  A farmer picked up some valuable extra income by leasing land for solar panels.  Now he appears to have regret.

The Dust is Choking

So do many of his neighbors.  They’re experiencing something akin to a small version of the 1930s Dust Bowl.  The farmer is hearing the complaints.  He also believes he’ll never be able to again use the land for growing.

Before the panels were installed, the energy company laid down a layer of sand.  It blows with the wind.

Wind and Sand Don't Mix

Wind is probably an even bigger issue in Idaho.  The land is also not as easily coaxed for growing.  I’ve often believed that Lefty would just as soon see you die.  Considering the Gaia worshippers eat mainly plants and fruits, they may be signing their personal death warrants.  For all their bellyaching about saving the planet, there’s a basic question.  Is life better today for the majority of humanity than it was 100 years ago?

What we used to call progress is responsible for elevating the lives of many.  For the moment, some alternative energies aren’t the rays of sunshine promised by the granola-gobbling gaggle.

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