Only the truly committed show up for a Republican caucus.  Whereas, Democrats should truly be committed!  Get it libs?  Hah, hah, hah, har, hee, har, hah.  If we locked up the libs for being goofy, Idaho would lose just 14 productive citizens.  The welfare rolls would drop dramatically.

Ryan Binkley should be a big winner on Saturday!  Which is why he dropped out and backed Donald Trump.  Which leaves the ever-popular Nikki Haley as the future President’s only real challenger.

The Establishment Wants You to Fall in Line

A lot of the GOP establishment is backing Haley.  They just won’t do it publicly.  That’s why they’re sending out the guys who no longer need your votes to pitch their girl.

Here’s a question; if a retired legislator instructs you to vote for Haley, do you feel obliged?  Endorsements are craved by politicians and are useless.  The politicians who still believe this never even had dial-up service, much less any understanding of modern media.  They’re living in 1975.  Which is why they think people even see their endorsements in newspapers.  You know those 14 people I mentioned?  That’s how many read the papers.  My boss also adds they’re all over 90.

The RINOs are Swimming Against the Tide

A prediction for the caucus is the obvious.  Trump wracks up a huge margin and walks away with 32 more delegates for the convention.  Haley appeared on a Boise radio program and skirted questions about her polling numbers in the remaining states.  She also spent more time blabbering about Super Tuesday than Idaho.  We’ve got a lot of old Bushites in Idaho who can’t acknowledge the ground has shifted beneath their feet.

Doors open for caucuses at noon.  See you there.

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