It’s like a dark fairy tale. One early morning while everything is quiet and still, a bird begins chirping as the sun peaks over the horizon. A light breeze carries a faint odor to the nostrils. Its presence becomes more distinct over the next few minutes as you drink your morning coffee and sit on the front porch. All of a sudden a thought enters your head. Wasn’t there a notice for (dramatic music) chip seal? Was that today? Was that this street or the next on the schedule for today?

Quick! Move the car or it may be trapped all day behind the wet tar, asphalt, and aggregate. How will anything get done? Maybe you can use this to your advantage as a good excuse to take a day off of work. ‘Sorry, can’t come in because the car is blocked in the driveway’, you’ll say. Sure, there are ways to walk around the corner and have RIDE TFT or a cab do a pickup, but having a chip seal day off sounds neat.

Honor the Unsung Heroes of Twin Falls Chip Seal Road Work

After the workers and trucks have done their due diligence, the secondary hidden job begins. Road work crews have toiled in the hot summer sun. Now is the time to grab the keys, hop in the car, and finish the job. Go do your civic duty.

I’m not talking about jury duty. I’m talking about squishing down all the gravel on the road. Nothing is more infuriating than two packed-down tracks in each lane and loose gravel in the middle. Drive slowly down the middle of the lane during odd hours when the road is devoid of other cars. It’s a bit cathartic. It’s kind of like popping a pimple or cracking your knuckles. Perhaps even as satisfying as bugs flying into the zapper on the back porch.

Credit Kat's Phone
Credit Kat's Phone

It is citizens like you who keep the roads even. It is you who helps prevent future gravel from kicking up into another car’s windshield. It is you, dear driver, who keeps Twin Falls running smoothly. Thank you, brave motorist.

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Non-chip seal road denizens don’t be angry at these unsung heroes as they drive slowly and oddly down the street. They are not inebriated. They are risking the undercarriage or even paint jobs of their car to help you.

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