When the holiday season hits, everyone begins to cringe. After Halloween, there’s Thanksgiving. After that, it’s Christmas. Then, it’s a new year and new pressure to do something about that resolution.

Spending money over the holidays is something people try to prepare for. Sometimes, life gets in the way of our best plans and there isn’t any money to spend. Worrying about employment on top of the holidays can be a huge problem. Getting a part-time job during the holidays can definitely help, but what if you need a permanent change? What if you need full-time now, or will after the part-time is over?

Could You Find Your Next Job at the Magic Valley Mall Center Court?

Don’t freak out if you go to the mall on Friday and see some commotion in the center court. There isn’t a last-minute holiday you forgot to prepare for. The Idaho Department of Labor is having a hiring event on October 27th at the Mabic Valley Mall in the Center Court.

Looking for temporary work to fill in the gaps in holiday spending? Are you looking for a part-time position to work around your current employment? Maybe you are hoping for a change in employment, or are looking for your first full-time position. That can all be found at the mall.

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Not only can you find some awesome gifts at the mall, but now you may be able to find employment. Bring a resume to the mall on October 27th with the idea of maybe even doing some on-site interviews. Since it is so close to Halloween, costumes are encouraged. Well, why not? Show you can be whimsical, funny, spooky, or bloodthirsty (at least when it comes to working).

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