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Idaho’s mainstream media must be waiting until she’s gone before reporters lose their minds (what minds, some of you are asking).  Her scheduled appearance in Idaho Falls will probably have them racing for water and screaming their name, Legion, for we are many.  Since the Idaho native’s arrival on the national political scene 15 years ago, fellow travelers in America’s newsrooms have been in meltdown.

She’s given them plenty to whine about.  Her church believed in faith healing.  Godless libs like Keith Olbermann mocked Christians who prayed for health and relief.  I had a liberal call my radio show and claim she said she could see Alaska from her house.  When I told Legion he was quoting a comedian from Saturday Night Live, he started frothing at the mouth and screaming.  I guess that was also demonic possession.

Libs were angry because she birthed and raised a special needs child.  I guess they kill their own out of convenience.

I’m pleased she’s not speaking on a college campus.  The brainwashed would have to throw blood and shout her down and denounce her as a fascist while being oblivious to their behavior.

The former Alaska Governor is speaking on August 19th at a private location in Idaho Falls.  Tickets are still available through the Idaho Republican Party.  You can get more details by clicking here.

The room will be filled with large, bruising farmers and ranchers and that doesn’t include her security team.  Triggered liberals (and the nearest may be in Jackson, Wyoming) should stay home and scream at their walls.

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