I keep reading about this being the hottest summer on record.  Or through the middle of August.  Which means after 1900, right?  Prior, measurements were taken by placing a wetted finger into the air.  Oh, I’m told old ice cores can give us an indication, but we still weren’t there seating through it.  We’re also talking about the pre-industrial world and in some cases, pre-human.  I’ve also read that the planet was much hotter in the past (and colder) and my car and no impact during those eras.

The fire that raced across Maui is blamed on man-made global warming, but in recent days even the Washington Post has admitted it was man-made but in a different sense.  Like the non-native cheat grass that fuels some fires in Idaho, non-native plants fueled the Hawaiian fire.  But that’s not global warming.

As for the warm summer, that may be an act of Mother Nature.  You whack-a-doodles from the environmental movement can click here and learn something.  You can click even with your non-opposable thumbs!  The world is warmer and will be warmer for a few more years because a volcano belched water vapor into the atmosphere.  Quite a natural occurrence.

Interestingly, Idaho’s wildfire season has so far been mild compared to past summers.  Especially here in the southern part of the state.  We’re having some warm weather this week but nothing unusual and overall, summer has been cooler.

You know, if you take your local temperature amid concrete and asphalt, it’s going to be hot.  Chances are the same location was covered in grass decades ago.  But don’t let that argument get in the way of bellowing the sky is falling!

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