Technology is a part of daily life for most, and many can not function without it. When the electricity goes out or the internet goes out, people panic and typically do not know how to function these days. It used to be that children played outside, parents would be outdoors playing with their kids or doing work, or board games were a great way to pass the time. Now, most kids are stuck inside on their iPads and video games, parents play games with their kids or are glued to the television, and board games often sit in the closet collecting dust. When it comes to technology, cell phones are the most used, and many Idahoans are addicted, and the stats back it up.

Idahoans Are Addicted to Cell Phones

Credit: Ridofranz
Credit: Ridofranz

It is no secret that many people are addicted to their phones, even if they are in denial. While it has become a problem in society, it is also a generational problem as well according to one research. A study recently by broke down stats about phone addictions, with 45 percent of Americans admitting they are addicted. The study also revealed how people use them, and it was discovered that Gen Z spends on average over 6 hours on their phone, while Baby Boomers on average spend 3 and half hours on their phone. Most Americans on average spend 4 hours and 37 minutes per day on their phone. Interestingly, 40 percent of Americans admitted to wanting to cut down their time on their phone, with 27 percent saying they likely will fail. Sadly, 36 percent of Americans say they could not go 24 hours without their phone. 

What Idahoans Are Doing on Their Cell Phones

Rob Hampson via Unsplash
Rob Hampson via Unsplash

With so many people addicted to their phones, what is it they are doing to take up so much of their day? According to the research, 59 percent of Americans admit to using their phones on the toilet and 27 percent admit to texting at stoplights. When they are on their phone almost half of Americans admit to zombie scrolling, which is scrolling with no purpose or anything to look for. The most used apps are messages, with YouTube being second, and Facebook being third. When asked why they use their phone, the most common answer is for entertainment, with boredom being second and distraction being third. 

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Are you addicted to your phone? You aren't alone if you are, but you may want to try dialing back your screen time, as Idahoans are spending far too much time on their phone and not enjoying enough time away from their screens. To check out the full study, make sure to click the link above, which sadly, will likely be done on your phone.

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