We have all done it at one time or another. The weather is hot, you are mowing your yard, and perhaps you are too tired and hot to finish disposing of your grass clippings, so you blow them out into the road or leave them there. You could sweep them up or blow them back into your yard, but disposing of them on the street seems easier. It might be something you do every time you mow, it could be something you do rarely, such as once or twice a summer, or it could be something you do off and on depending on your mood. When leaving your grass in the street, are you breaking the law in Idaho, or is it simply just a rude thing to do in the Gem State?

Is it Illegal to Blow Grass into the Street in Idaho?

Credit: Greenseas
Credit: Greenseas

Defining laws can be tricky because unless it is direct, people will try to get around it. That is the case here. Similar to the story written about driving with headphones or earbuds in, there is no clear law stating specifically blowing grass into the street is illegal. Also like that situation, other laws are defined enough to tell you what you can and cannot do. It is against the law to put anything hazardous into the streets, and putting grass clippings in the road can be hazardous, especially for motorcyclists. There are also laws against putting any harmful substance into the water systems. With all the chemicals we use in our grass, if enough clippings make their way into the system, they will make their way into rivers and lakes and can harm marine life, as well as the water supply. If caught blowing your grass into the road and leaving it there, you could suffer a fine of up to $250 or 6 months of jail time. 

Blowing Grass into the Streets in Idaho

You may be asking yourself how the grass in the street is harmful. As mentioned above it can harm fish in the area, but it is also extremely dangerous for motorcyclists. If you watch the video above, it mentions that wet grass can make the roads slippery and cause motorcycles to slide and crash. They shouldn't be driving that fast through a neighborhood, but any crash on a motorcycle is risky. If the grass is dry, it can blow up and get in their eyes and obstruct their view, or stick to their visor. Instead of blowing grass into the street, you should sweep it up, blow it back into your yard, or collect it as feed for animals.

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The next time you are mowing your grass and debate being a little lazy by leaving your grass in the street or thinking of blowing it out there, don't be surprised if a knock comes on your door a little later to issue you a fine. If that doesn't happen, don't be surprised if there is an accident outside of your home. Yes, these both are extreme, but it is better to obey the law and it is safer for others as well. Click the links above to find out more about grass in the streets.

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