Stores are constantly opening and closing in the Magic Valley. It seems weekly that something that was opened last week has closed its doors, and a building that was vacant for months, is being moved into. It is the cycle of business in Twin Falls and it is never ending. From time to time, a store will close, and move to a location they deem more fitting for their business, but customers may not realize that the place is still in town. One business in Twin Falls is changing locations, and it has people fighting each other since the move happened. What store moved, where did it go, and why are people fighting about it?

Twin Falls Martial Arts Changes Locations

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Twin Falls Martial Arts has moved, and they are ready to have their grand opening. The business was previously located at 242 Main Avenue North in Twin Falls but has moved to 136 2nd Avenue South. They will be having an event this weekend to celebrate their grand opening, which will be happening on Saturday, March 23 from noon to 2 PM. For those who are interested in classes, the phone number has changed as well and is now 208-273-9540. 

Twin Falls Martial Arts Grand Opening

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If you are out this Saturday, make sure to stop by the grand opening and see what they have to offer. There will be free lunch, games, self-defense, a raffle, and board breaking. If you have ever contemplated taking a self-defense class, this is the perfect time to stop by and ask questions and celebrate with Twin Falls Martial Arts in their new location. They have won Idaho's Best Business Award in 2022 and 2023. Find out how you can start classes and get a week for free when you go to the event. 

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Self-defense is something that everyone should know how to do, but finding a place to do it can often be hard. Enroll your kids today or sign up for a class yourself. They have classes for little ones, kids, and adults. For more on Twin Falls Martial Arts, click the link above, or stop by the grand opening this Saturday from noon to 2 PM. 

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