ORIGINAL STORY: Info about the 2023 Million Dollar Raffle and winning numbers can be found below.

A lot of people were hoping their belated Christmas wishes would come true as the winners of the Idaho Lottery $1,000,000 raffle were announced.

2023 Idaho Lottery Million Dollar Raffle Winning Numbers

There actually were hundreds (17,800 to be exact) of smaller amount winners in the recent drawing. Around 55 pages of $15 winners were announced along with dozens who won $25, $50, and $100. There were also 9 people announced who won $1,000 as promotional prizes. The big winners are the 2 $10,000 winners and the 2 $1,000,000 winners. These are the winning numbers:

Million Dollar Winning Numbers



Ten Thousand Dollar Winning Numbers



You can see the full list of winning numbers on the Idaho Lottery website.

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If you want another chance to win big with the Idaho Lottery, you can enter now for a pair of O’Christmas Spree tickets, with a chance at up to $50,000 in the contest below. Enter that contest at the top of this page.

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