Be careful.  Someone is attempting to steal your vote.  Many Idaho Republicans are getting absentee ballots in their mail.  They didn’t request them.  They simply arrived late last week.  I was first tipped off last weekend.  The ballots arrive already filled out.  In other words, someone else has cast your vote.  You’re only asked to sign the ballot and then mail it in.  Establishment Republicans are expecting you won’t ask questions, and won’t know enough about the candidates to question the mailing.

Special interest groups are voting for you.  One is a political action committee working as a surrogate for Governor Brad Little.  Another is a business organization that wants a more compliant legislature and to disenfranchise the grassroots in the Republican Party.  It’s like being at a billiard hall and the owner plays dirty pool.

A writer sent me a message while I was on air today, and explained only the women in the family received the completed ballots.  What’s up with that?  Do the senders believe women are a few bricks shy of a load?

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Boise State Public Radio shared the following regarding pre-filled absentee ballots:

Rep. Mike Kingsley (R-Lewiston) has presented his bill as aiming to halt political parties from mailing pre-filled absentee ballot requests to registered voters.

Here’s my take.  If the establishment is so incredibly petrified of losing power, do we want these people in charge?  They’re afraid.  They’re afraid of losing.  They’re afraid of the people.  The people they claim they’re working for.  They aren’t.  They work for a handful of special interests, and as we learned during the COVID regime, the people be darned.

Your future is at stake.  Your children’s future is on the line.  We’re dealing with a gaggle of power-hungry politicians, many working only to feather their nests.  Imagine one hundred Mr. Potters from It’s a Wonderful Life strangling the life out of Idaho.

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