I first read about this story on social media, after a conservative candidate in Oneida County had his campaign signs repeatedly stolen.  A comment from a reader said a son of the Governor has been engaging in sign theft.  If it’s true, then I would suggest the Little family values could be deemed criminal.  The GOP establishment can’t win fair and honest elections, so they’ve adopted tactics you would expect from Democrat Party street thugs in Philadelphia.

I was at a Republican dinner in Bonneville County Saturday night when I first heard registered Republicans are receiving primary ballots they didn’t request.  These are already filled out!  You’re asked to sign and return.  Not illegal, but unethical.  The mailing is being funded by lobbyists in league with the Governor and by a political action committee that supports him.  They want a compliant legislature.  A co-equal branch of government to abdicate its independence and give the Governor absolute power.

My parents didn’t raise me to be a scurrilous human being.  Who raised your kids, Governor?

People in politics will tell you shenanigans have been going on for years.  Does that somehow make it right?  I’m telling you, a member of Idaho’s first family removing signs, that doesn’t speak well for the state.

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