Some people have all the luck. An Idaho man has amassed a small fortune in rare coins and artifacts that he's collected over the past decade near various historical sites in southwest Idaho, and he's created a platform for other area treasure seekers to learn the tricks of the hobby.

Southern Idaho has an incredible history when it comes to lost loot. There is a tremendous amount of information on the Internet regarding mining and the transporting of valuable coins, bank reserves, and other artifacts that were lost along southern Idaho routes used in the nineteenth century.

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Articles have been written about the one man who might just be the Gem State's version of Indiana Jones and his amazing knack for finding interesting and valuable treasures in the desert of southern Idaho. His YouTube channel is titled DrTones24K.

Brandon Neice is either very skilled at what he does or very lucky. Luck is a good thing to have on your side when you're searching for lost treasures from the past. Neice's biggest score to date was unearthing over $10,000 in silver coins years ago, and he's been also experiencing good fortune combing through abandoned sites in the southwest desert of Idaho.

The Silver City Mining District in Owyhee County was at one time a prospecting and mining mecca. Many believe there's still a fortune in coins and gold still buried in the region. Just make sure not to trespass or enter into any land that's off limits to treasure seeking.

Neice's channel is a wealth of great information regarding what types of tools and equipment to use to locate the good stuff. He hasn't shared whether or not he has a fear of snakes like the real Dr. Jones.

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