Owners of Twin Falls dogs who have a tendency to bark a lot may find themselves at the mercy of their neighbors. Invasion of privacy goes right out the window if you can't control your dog's speech.

The topic of dogs barking in Twin Falls is a subject I've written about a few times in the past. I had a terrible experience with a neighbor who tormented us because she thought our dog barked too much. If you have a neighbor that doesn't like you, they can target your dog as being a problem regardless of whether or not they really are.

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We owned an English Bulldog (may she rest in peace) that rarely made any sounds other than heavy panting from being portly, but somehow the neighbor found a loophole in the city noise ordinance law that allowed her to do something I never knew neighbors had the right to do until the summer of 2018.

If you live in Twin Falls and you have a dog that spends a lot of time outside in the yard, it doesn't matter if the animal barks excessively or barely at all, because if your neighbor doesn't like you, all they have to do is record your pet in action and contact city police. It's perfectly within your neighbor's rights in Twin Falls to record your dog in the privacy of your own yard in order to log a complaint against you. In our case, she held her phone over our fence and recorded us as we tried to enjoy personal time at home.

The interesting thing about our case is our dog only barked when she noticed what the neighbor was up to. Twin Falls police were great during this experience that lasted a few months but did inform us that she did have the right to record my family from over our fence if she thought the barking was excessive. So, if you own overly barky dogs, you could really be in for it.

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