You've probably heard that the Gem State has a couple of laws still in the books that would make most people chuckle. One of these forbidden actions allegedly involves riding a motorcycle over a certain age in southeastern Idaho.

Idaho is an incredible place to live. I've enjoyed my years as a Twin Falls resident immensely. I've also gotten wind of a couple of laws that I'm not sure are legitimate, but many Idahoans swear they're valid. Being required by law to smile in Pocatello is one. The claims that it's illegal to ride a merry-go-round on Sundays, and that public displays of affection lasting more than 18 minutes can get a person cited are a couple more state "laws" that I'm not sure would hold up in court.

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Apparently, it's also against the law in Idaho to ride a motorcycle after the age of 88. I'm a firm supporter of this if it's true. I'm not sure anyone pushing ninety needs a foot on the gas pedal. If this law is actually valid in Idaho Falls, then Santa Clause would surely be pulled over tearing down the highway on a Harley due to the fact he's 1,752 years old.

It's for this reason that the two Christmas songs, "Santa on a Motorcycle," and "Biker Santa," should be banned from the airwaves in this city of 66,000 located just 150 miles northeast of Twin Falls. If not for the safety of pedestrians and other motorists, then for the safety of Santa. At such a fragile age, it's probably a good idea that Santa let the reindeer do all the driving.

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