For anyone who has had the good fortune to extensively explore the state of Idaho, there's probably one memory that stands out as resembling divine intervention in the form of nature. One snowmobiler in central Idaho had an entire winter wonderland as a personal playground and made the most of the opportunity.

If I had to choose my all-time most mind-blowing afternoon in the Idaho backcountry it would be a few hours I spent kayaking on Stanley Lake one summer day. Stanley Lake is located 150 miles northwest of Twin Falls and is roughly a three-hour drive through some of the prettiest landscape you'll find anywhere on Earth.

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I'm not sure if Heaven actually exists, but staring up at McGown Peak from a kayak is about as close as I'll probably ever get. I've also had the good fortune of snowmobiling across a crater in Yellowstone National Park, and the experience was indescribable. Camping in the Sawtooth Mountains of southern Idaho, or float tubing on the river near Alturas are also experiences I wouldn't trade for anything.

For some Idahoans that have been to McCall in the winter months, they might consider this region of the Gem State heaven on Earth. A YouTuber posted a video in the fall of 2021 that is every bit as spectacular as any sight I've ever laid eyes upon in all my years of travel in the amazing state of Idaho.

If you're gonna eat powder from getting tossed from a snowmobile, you might as well choose an amazing landing site. McCall seems to be one of those spots where any outdoor enthusiast should be stoked to munch it hard (or soft) during a day of leisurely exploration in Idaho.

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