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Electric Cars are devastating cultures where few people even drive.

If the New York Times is the bible of American liberalism, then the Washington Post must be a close runner-up.  The latter has a lengthy piece that looks to be written for its weekend magazine.  Reporters traveled to the West African nation of Guinea, which happens to be one of the leading sources of Bauxite.  Which is used in the production of aluminum.  Which is used extensively in EVs.  Because it’s lighter than steel.  Which extends battery range.

Sounds great for the virtue-signaling Pharisees on the left.  Not so much for the poor villagers who’ve had homes, fisheries, and agriculture destroyed near the mines.

I thought you lefties were destroying our economy and sources of fuel because you were looking out for the little guy.  Maybe you simply don’t like people of color.  Maybe you have malformed consciences.  You’re hurting people in the Third World.

So you can tell the rest of us about how wonderful you are behind the wheel of a Tesla!

Then you get angry when we mention you’re either blithering idiots or wearing blinders or a combination of both.

You didn’t think this through.  You bought the hype and I bought your car.  Because I’m on the hook for the borrowed money that subsidized your purchase.

This morning, the Wall Street Journal reported the Biden White House will extend the subsidies to foreign-made EVs.  Lovely.  The people who hold the paper on our debt are getting a share of it back early.

Oh, and the Chinese run the mines in Guinea.  The coal-burning Chinese.  But they can sell aluminum to America’s stupid liberals.

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