I saw a cart full of these on sale at WinCo.  My first thought was that even if your wife’s birthday is months away, you can find a hiding spot in the shed.  What a great gift for under 10 dollars!  If you live in a big house or don’t have many carpets, think of the peace a new mop can provide.  She can spend hours cleaning, and you can get maybe three or four innings in the man cave without interruption.

Men, are you seeing the possibilities?

I posted the gift idea on Facebook.  One woman told me her husband gave her a chainsaw one year on Valentine’s Day.  Seems pricey to me and he probably heard some cutting remarks.

Another woman said her husband presented her with an electronic can opener after the birth of a child.  He also gave her an expensive ring.  Sounds like he didn’t have any confidence.

Did you notice the mop is called LIBMAN?  You probably believe most liberal men share household chores with women.  After all, it allows the very same liberal men to virtue signal.  It’s why they drive a Prius, even though they would rather be behind the wheel of a Mustang or Charger.

Deep down in, those liberal guys don’t like household chores.  I know some of them would rather be watching football (I have it on good authority liberal men are fans of the San Francisco 49ers).

The worst thing that could happen if you give your wife a mop is that she may give you the silent treatment.  Praise the Lord!

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