(KLIX)-Jerome County Commissioners met with the County Sheriff Doug McFall on the jail issue Monday. Staff gave a presentation on the deteriorating condition in the jail. The sheriff and commissioners are once again looking at options of building a new jail. In May a 4th attempt at getting a bond passed failed. It needed a super majority vote to get passed, which it came close to getting. They are considering another bond election, but it may not be until next year. Having a judge make a decision through judicial confirmation. Former Blaine county sheriff and now consultant with Rocky Mountain Corrections Walt Femling offered a suggestion. He told commissioners to take an approach he took to get a new jail for his county after three bond attempts. He told them to hold off on going for a bond, buy land, and save a little money and then ask voters to pass a bond. Sheriff McFall said he liked the idea, but said the county is out of time with the current facility. Sheriff McFall Says he is also talking with the Jerome police chief on paring up on a facility. The police department is also needing a new facility. Still all options are being considered.

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