Are you missing a cat? 

We’ve got predators, perverts and traffic

I stopped by our studios Sunday.  This small cat was curled up on the grass by the street.  She was friendly.  And hungry.  She didn’t appear to be unhealthy but stayed very close to one spot where she had been curled up.  My first thought was she was a drop-off, although.  She had a pink collar and tags.  Since I don’t pick up strange animals with bare hands I didn’t read any details.

Then later in the day she was gone.  In the best case scenario I’m hopeful she lives in the neighborhood and went back home.  I do worry about black cats wandering this time of year.  There are some twisted people who do terrible things to small animals and especially black cats in October.  As I grow older I find animals a lot more tolerable than many people.

Don’t let them wander.  At a grocery store this past weekend I saw a picture of a missing cat.  We’ve got predators, perverts and traffic.  None are good for house pets.

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