I think this is Twin Falls's most distinct house of horror.  The yearly Halloween decorating at this house is out of this world.  Come November, the display will come down and one of the city’s most spectacular Christmas displays will go up (one of two in a span of a few blocks).

The display is important and you can trust the input of a former kid.  Experience says the better the display the better the candy at the door.  Many of you would argue that wouldn’t include Circus Peanuts and candy corn, which are both fine and melt in your mouth.  Every year there are surveys done on the most popular candies in each state.

A few years ago, KitKat was listed as number one in Idaho.  What?  Did they over-sample Blaine and Ada Counties?  In truth, you probably get miniature tubs of tofu and strings of kelp at the doors in Hailey and Ketchum.  If that’s where you live, I would recommend an alternative.  The chicken wings at Mahoney’s in Bellevue.

We were having a conversation at the office about candy.  The likes are very basic.  Snickers over Milky Way.  KitKat does well in office polling, but peanut butter cups are number one.  I’m glad there’s sanity in the workplace.   Gelatins are out, however.  I understand that’s a generational thing.  People who snort laundry pods also snort glue.

When I was a boy, people who gave out awful candy often found their windows soaped by morning.  This is where a young hoodlum takes a bar of dry soap and streaks it across windows.  It never happened in my family under penalty of near death.

For me, no coconut or mint patties.  Just peanut butter cups, Snickers, and M&M's. Anything else proves you’re a communist.

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