Local people speak of Maxie’s Pizza in hushed and reverential tones.  When I first joined the local radio scene and asked about pizza, Maxie’s was at the top of every recommendation.  Nobody ranked it number two.  It was always number one.

Maxie’s is now being recognized by the website Only in Your State.  You can read more by clicking here.  It’s possible the restaurant is now Idaho’s oldest in terms of longevity when it comes to pizza and an array of Italian foods.

The only thing that disappointments me is there aren’t more locations.  Maxie’s could easily conquer Southern Idaho and beyond.

People don’t think of Idaho when they think pizza, although.  A guy who relocated here from Chicago tells me it’s the equal of some of the best pizza he ever ate in Illinois.  It compares with anything I’ve had out of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Buffalo and New York City.

Now that local restaurant traffic is back in high gear, we should consider some celebratory workplace parties.  Spots like Maxie’s are the perfect place to pick up a dozen pies and feed the office staffs.  I’ll admit, I’ve rarely met a pizza I didn’t like.  You’ll need at least 11 for everyone else after I gobble the first pie!  Or we can do a mix and match and I’ll graze from all the different toppings.

Maxie’s has more combo toppings than lottery combinations.

For the non-initiates, it’s located on Blue Lakes Boulevard, just north of Kimberly Road.  If you can’t finish your order, the radio station is only a few blocks away.  Please feel free to drop off leftovers!

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