When Twin Falls was designated a metropolitan region, local governments were told it required a public transit system to be created.  Those governments are shying away from buses.  Go to any big city and count the empty seats on passing buses and you’ll see it’s an inefficient means of moving people.  Now liberals see an opportunity to coerce you into riding buses.  A writer at the ultra-left Nation magazine says if you’re complaining about the cost of gas, then take the bus.

Where Can I Catch a Bus in Hagerman?

I’ll bet that writer lives in a place where buses and trains are numerous.  It doesn’t work that way in Richfield, Idaho!  So, next, they’ll recommend you move to a city and leave rural life behind.  Can you afford to move?  Don’t worry, the libs in Washington will print more money and use it to build cinderblock high rises where you can be better corralled.  It’s the sovietization of American life.

I haven’t been on a bus in years.  I do know that if we had them in Twin Falls we probably wouldn’t have many running at 2:45 in the morning when I leave for work.  If buses did operate 24 hours a day, I would need to leave about 2:15 a.m. because of all the stops between home and work.  Then I could walk the last few blocks in cold and rain because the studios wouldn’t likely be on the route.  Through some less than welcoming neighborhoods in the middle of the night.  Hey, if I got mugged and killed, the liberals would see that as a two-for-one benefit.

Buses Always Have Room for Wierdos

I have memories of my last bus rides.  The last ride on a coach for a long trip was more than 30 years ago.  I remember waiting on a transfer at a station where we were told it wasn’t safe to go outside.  My last ride on a city bus was probably about the same time.  It was like a trip to a laundromat.  You never know how many kook-a-loos you’re going to face.  I don’t suffer crazies and I don’t have any in my car.

What we’re seeing from the left is another let them eat cake moment.

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