I’ve had godless liberals tell me they don’t believe in God because they can’t see Him.  The so-called comedian Bill Maher mocks believers about their “imaginary friend”.  I got to thinking about their comments when I read a story at Forbes.com.  It mentioned that liberals are filing lawsuits against big oil for fouling the atmosphere and causing climate change, extinctions, bad hair days, bad trips, and the latest Harrison Ford movie.  The thing is, I can’t see the gas the alleged toxins big oil is spewing into the air.

This is all part of the effort to eliminate “fossil fuels”.  Have you noticed gas prices this week?  One of the cheapest stations in town is near my house.  The price of regular jumped 20 cents and is expected to soon go higher.  Do the granola eaters on the left somehow believe we’re all going to stop driving at ten dollars a gallon?  I guess they figure we’ll have to, but in countries less dependent on automobiles than the United States, this is the kind of policy that leads to coups and/or revolutions.

It’s not like we’ll all abandon our internal combustion engines tomorrow and buy a $105,000 Tesla.

I saw a story at Business Insider that says it’s still cheaper to fill up than charge.  Some argue someday that won’t be the case.  Can you be specific about where Someday falls on the calendar?

There’s an election next year, and if you tree-hugging weirdos haven’t noticed, your guy is wallowing at a 39 percent approval rating.  If you really want Trump back in the White House, keep peddling the kook-a-loo philosophy.

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