Not that it hasn’t happened before.

I came across this link.  It ranks the most prescribed drug in every state. appears to be an outfit with ties to the healthcare industry, which is fine, however.  The publishers need an editor with a knowledge of geography or at least the states (for 6 figures a year I’m available).

The map at the link is color coded, so when I got to Idaho and neighboring states with the same color I saw this list for Amoxicillin: 

“California, Colorado, Indiana, Nevada, Texas, Vermont, and Montana”

Of the 7 states, the names of 6 are matches.  Indiana?  It’s a flat piece of property in the drainage system of the Great Lakes and a pair of mighty rivers.  It’s well more than 1000 miles away by my calculation. 

One of our coworkers moved to Twin Falls after working in media in New England.  He told the story about stopping at a gas station, where a map of the USA was on a wall.  Someone had pasted the names of the states on the map.  Iowa and Idaho were both listed as Iowa.  Apparently, it didn’t strike the people at the shop as strange that two states in vastly different parts of the country would share a name.  Heck, if you don’t know, call them West Iowa and East Iowa. 

Same thing with the prescription drug story.  There aren’t two places called Indiana. 

I suppose I’ve got a pair of advantages.  I live in Idaho and it’s a start in knowing the difference.  Number two, when I was in the 5th grade my parents gave me a large puzzle.  The trick was to place the states in the right place.  Heck, I even learned capital cities. 

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