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Mainstream media doesn’t like you and they don’t like how you vote.  A writer at the Guardian, the one-time newspaper of the British Communist Party, is flummoxed by the support Donald Trump still has among working Americans.  You can see his whining post by clicking here.

The guy says Trump brought out a mostly white crowd in Iowa.  WOW!  Iowa is a mostly white state.  And so what?  I would guess if you go to most political rallies that holds.  Unless you’re in an area with an overwhelming minority population.   The writer didn’t mention in the same paragraph that Trump is also gaining among black and Hispanic voters.  They buy groceries and they buy gas.  They know Joe Biden cares more about Kyiv than Kentucky.

The writer also mentions the border crisis.  He claims we “perceive” borders were safer under Trump.  Really?  Look at the southern border today.  Compare it to the Trump years.

Mainstream media still hasn’t fessed up to perpetuating the Russia collusion lie.  Hamilton 68 and 50 former intelligence officers have been exposed as operatives of an elite and undemocratic cabal.  The New York Times is fine with our new Orwellian overlords.  It’s because the liberals and assorted academic pantywaists don’t fear Trump as much as they fear you.  They’re the mice in the field.  You’re the raptor.

The other day, one of them wrote one of the managers here at the radio station.   And he is???  The fellow needed twelve paragraphs to demand one of my web posts be scrubbed from our website.

I think his name is Karin!  He was angry because I wrote a post he didn’t like about women drivers.  First, I pointed out women get an overwhelming number of tickets for yapping on their phones when driving.  Multiple law enforcement officers have confirmed the figure is in the neighborhood of 90 percent.  They can tell me in confidence but office politics prevents them from speaking publicly about the hazard.  Karin called me out for journalistic malpractice.  Who doesn’t know that after almost a decade at this job, I was hired to give opinions?  Maybe a half-wit or some writer who just fled a loony bin.  If Looney Bin offends you, then substitute nuthouse or booby-hatch.

I get called out by some non-entity for a post about driving safety.  His kind perpetuates fraud on a nation (Russia hoax, masking, and gender-bending surgeries for kids) and he cheers them on.  Someone needs some serious examination of conscience.  It’s not me and it’s not Trump voters.

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