Quick, what state has America’s worst drivers?  You get three guesses and the first two won’t count.  They have special plates on their vehicles that warn they are Unable to Administer Highway.  This is abbreviated as the warning Utah.  They roam Interstate highways at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour.  They weave in and out of heavy traffic on Route 15.  They appear to have no peripheral vision.  It’s like everyone from Utah drives like an old woman!

My guess is, they’re simply indifferent to other drivers.  Considering Idaho has a similar culture, you would think we would be right behind them in trying to cause a multi-car pileup, but when it comes to depraved indifference to life, it’s not a regional issue.  California and Iowa drivers aren’t far behind Utah.  In California, it’s probably due to the stress of waiting in long backups.  As for Iowa?  Dude, there’s nobody there?  I drove Route 80 across Iowa one clear winter day and I was all alone.  I’m exaggerating, but I drove for miles and miles and miles and rarely saw another vehicle.

Here’s the thing about Utah topping the list.  The state may have the lowest percentage of drunk drivers in the country, which should signal safer roads.  On the other hand, the place may also have the least caffeinated people behind the steering wheel.  When I’m going anywhere beyond the town, I usually warm up with several cups of coffee and sometimes stop for a twenty-ounce cup along the way.  Did I mention I also once drove into a medium in Utah and got stuck?  When in the Beehive State, do as the beehives do.

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